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  1. Lazy Sunday Musings

    finnish meta tech

    In which your humble author muses on due diligence, translates a Tweet, learns about the best-selling Finnish band of all time, and mentions a fellow Finnish-language-learner

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  2. My Finland, My Blog

    finland meta

    I have lived now in Finland for nearly 7-and-a-half years! That's a long time. Longer than I expected when I arrived here from New York City. It's probably time to admit to myself that I'm not going anywhere.

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  3. Top-level domain change: rendall.dev

    web meta

    For years my website and freelance company has been rendall.tv. Today that changes to rendall.dev.

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  4. Happy Holidays


    Happy Holidays, everyone. I just launched this blog right into the holiday season, and so start with a gap! I hope your holidays are going well.

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