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For years my website and freelance company has been Today that changes to

I registered a domain name and crafted a website way back in the early 00s, right after undergrad, as many of us do, as a way to promote myself and showcase projects I had been involved with. The design was kitsch from the start. One might have called it ironic urban cowboy. The original brown-and-tan color scheme came from a drop-down list in freaking Macromedia Dreamweaver! And thus it sat for years, changing only very slightly, as more than a decade passed, even as the world's taste, and my own, changed. For years I paid $35 USD per month to an aging hosting company, and that more than anything else seems as archaic as dial-up.

The domain change and design change also corresponds to a personal shift in me that has been ongoing for some few years now. It is difficult to put into words, but it corresponds to a kind of increased seriousness of purpose or narrowing of focus. Software development in years past for me has been a way to make a decent income and have fun while doing it. While this is still true, software development has also become a way of life, both vocation and avocation. I don't want to predict what this internal shift means for the future (if anything!), or rhapsodize about the passion (such an overused cliche of a word!) I feel for software development, but on some level it feels like I am waking up. To what, I do not know yet. To possibility, perhaps. There is so much happening, so many possibilities, so much talented activity.

The current design of this site is not in its final form by any means. It is now minimalist and cold with very little to recommend it, visually speaking. That will change in time. Slowly, but not as slowly as!


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