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Yesterday I wrote, for the first time in a while, about my (re) discovering the super-power of RTFM (reading the fine manual).

Also yesterday, I discovered that my long-neglected, open-source side-project Simple Comment is failing in gruesome and unexpected ways. Today I'm turning my attention to this, and upgrading where needed. Which also means that I can put my words into practice. I have some manuals to read. These are they:

Do I read each cover-to-cover, linearly, in turn, as I exhorted yesterday? Time will tell. It's a beautiful, sunny day in a region and season not known for its sunlight, and it's a long, holiday weekend. There are lots of things I would rather be doing. On the other hand, I do enjoy coding, and upgrading, so we'll see how the day goes.

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Simple Comment blues #

We who have ever worked on solo projects have had the experience of looking at work that we have done in the past and been displeased. Perhaps our practices have matured, or consensus has moved on, or we've learned since then. Whichever it is, I'm not so keen on how Simple Comment has aged in the last year. Still, I am committed to it and so it is upgrade time.

The main symptom is that on these blog pages, the comment system printed a bright, angry red error message "Unknown referer" and no friendly comment field. Also, the Netlify badge is failing build with the message "error mongodb-memory-server@6.10.0: The engine "node" is incompatible with this module. Expected version ">=12.22.0". Got "12.18.0". I'm pretty sure that means that Netlify is running Node.js version 12.18.0 and not verson 14+. Also, there are Dependabot alerts, one of which is critical. So, there is a lot to sort out.

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