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Class notes: Mastering Git

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These are my class notes to Paolo Perrotta's excellent and entertaining video course Mastering Git, comprising 8 videos of 2 hours 45 minutes total. I recently took up the Microsoft Dev Collective's offer for a 30-day free trial of Pluralsight and this was one of several that I enjoyed. I highly recommend this course if you are familiar with git, but even a little unclear on how git works. Especially if, like me, you use the same git commands every day with only a vague notion of what they do. Signore Perrotta explains everything brilliantly.

git tracks changes in 4 places:

2 questions which will completely define and explain any command:

Some useful git log commands:

Distributed Workflow patterns. This is the social side of git: how git users on a team use it. These are useful terms for fruitful discussion.

Gitflow: such an influential model deserves separate discussion

Growing a workflow: Avoid designing a complete workflow from the beginning, but start small and grow it.

Personal thoughts:

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