My name is Rendall. I am a software developer, father and New York City expatriot living in Finland, so this blog will revolve around these topics. This is a quick introductory post to say hello and set intentions for the blog.

The first intention is to free my thoughts to the bright light of extrospection, to let myself and others see what has accreted there. Whether interesting, boring, odd, illuminating, useful, insightful, or trite: all will be revealed.

The second is to commit to committing; never to stealth edit a post, but clearly denote any changes; to be upfront about previous and ongoing mistakes, unwarranted convictions, blunders, misapprehensions and peculiar notions.

The third is to write more.

This blog is a bit of a continuation of another, but since I am taking ownership of the hosting, coding and designing of this one, it feels like a clean break and true start.


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